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Nature Notes from the Rec


This Nature Notes section contains a range of articles from our members which we find very interesting and hope you do too.


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April 2022 - Nursery Web Spider


Homes for Bees - March 2022


Crocuses Feb 2022


Winter Trees - Jan 2021


Jan - 22 Are you ready to welcome the weeds?


Review of 2021


Nov 21 - Robins


Oct 2021 - Meadow Maintenance


September 2021 - Sweet Chestnut


August 2021 - Ants


July 2021 - Butterflies


June 2021 - Pesticides


May 2021 - Stag Beetles


April 2021 - Hay Meadows


March 2021 - Goat Willow


Crows - Feb 2021


2020 Nature Notes


2019 Nature Notes





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