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Campaigns to improve the entrances to the Rec


The Friends of Portswood Rec are working towards improvements at all three entrances to Portswood Rec. Our priority was to have an access ramp installed at the Brickfield Road entrance. We collected signatures and letters of support from local charities working with people with disabilities and applied for funding which enabled the ramp to be built in Autumn 2013.


We would also like to improve the entrance from Upper Grosvenor Road, removing some of the fencing to open out the entrance to make it more welcoming. We would like to have some identification at the entrance similar to that at other city parks showing that it is Portswood Rec. We would also like to improve the appearance of the gravel car park area making it look less like waste ground.


Plans for the Kitchener Road entrance would improve and modernise its appearance, introduce more greenery with hedging etc encouraging use of the Rec by making it a more welcoming place and helping wildlife.


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